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Fujifilm FinePix JV500 Camera Review

Fujifilm FinePix JV500 is digital camera that is good for the beginner . With a slim design and compact , this camera comes with a CCD sensor 14 MP , 3x optical zoom and 720p HD video quality . FinePix JV500 also has some other features such as face and blink detection that will you simplify the target moments valuable .

Optimal performance
Fujifilm FinePix JV300 is equipped with a camera
resolution of 14 MP , with CCD sensor and a 3x optical
zoom that allows you to shoot more
wide and zoom to detail , a closer look .
Also equipped with a 2.7 " LCD with a resolution of 230k
dots , you can see clearly the shots
or recording .
Intelligent Scene Recognition
By using SR auto from Fujifilm , you do not
need to switch modes when capturing scenes
different . This feature allows the camera to
recognizes 6 different scene types automatically
the portrait , macro , landscape , night portrait and
to produce a backlit portrait shot photo
more optimal .
JV500 .
720 ensure your recordings with images
crisp and clear . You can see the results
You re- recording with a USB cable connection at
TV screen .
Mode selection
You can maximize your shots with
using multiple options are like Blink mode
Detection , Panorama Mode where you can
combine the three images into one that
produce a panoramic image , Smile and shoot mode
and Face Detection which can automatically
look up some different faces in
a scene and select the settings to capture
optimal and reduce red - eye effect .

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Review: Sony DSC-W730 - 16.1 MP Camera

Sony DSC - W730 is one variant of the slim W series cameras . With a sleek shape and compact , the camera is equipped with Carl Zeiss lens Vario - Tessar and has a 16.1 megapixel capability Super HAD CCD Image Sensor and optical magnification up to 8x . The camera also features Advanced Flash to produce clearer images and brighter in low light conditions . With a variety of exciting features of Sony DSC - W730  , photography experience you will become more exciting and fun !

Record with HD Quality
Capture beautiful moments with Canon video HD -quality 720p and record your memories in decent quality . If you have never been record previous video in high quality , you will amazed at the sight of the difference . HD 720p provide real results , capturing every detail clearly . Now you can record video HD quality using only the camera
compact !

Optical SteadyShot
Optical SteadyShot with Active mode constitute features image stabilization from Sony to decrease effect blur because shocks when pressing the shutter button resulting images and clearer video. Now you can take pictures in conditions not stable even as video recording while it is swimming or snorkeling .

Screen 2.7 "
You can see the captured image back with 2.7 TFT screen . " With this you can ensure proper re- image each subject and then save it .

Intelligent Auto Mode
This feature allows the camera automatically determine the appropriate settings for the best and each scene by using Intelligent Scene Recognition. With this feature of photographing will be easy , fast but still produce images that maximum .

Picture Effect Feature
Change your image capture results become more interesting with Picture Effect feature available on this camera . Everything is practical without using PC or computer assistance . Add texture effects or change the color of your photos .

Beauty Mode Effect
This mode allows you to edit color of skin , eyes and teeth . Say goodbye the stains on the face and the perfect look without have to bother to edit photos on the computer .

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Aquapix Underwater Camera - Hello Kitty A

Aquapix Underwater Camera Review

Aquapix is a waterproof camera that can target object underwater to a depth of 3m. The camera is made ​​of plastic so mild to taken . And the use of simple forms and not require batteries . With a wide selection of colors , You can now style and the target object under sea ​​with easy to use camera Aquapix .

Simple design
Aquapix consists of two parts: the camera itself and waterproof protector . Is small and lightweight so you can easily carry it everywhere when you are traveling . Do not worry, Aquapix camera can also be used anywhere ,
either in water or on land . Available in a variety of choice of attractive colors ,suitable for those who youthful and dynamic .

Technical Details
The film used in this Aquapix ie 35 mm format color or black / white from the movie ASA 100/ ISO 21 L ( outdoor ) or ASA 400/ISO 27 ( under water ) . the camera is has the size of the lens aperture f / 9 with 28 mm lens and a shutter speed of 1/100 sec . maximum depth ie 3m ( 10 feet ) and for best results which is 4 feet . On this camera there is no flash so you also not require batteries so it is safe used underwater .

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5 Megaupload Alternatives for Sharing or Download Files

Megaupload download site alternatives
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File-sharing and free download site is actually very much on the internet. So, when one is disabled--as experienced Megaupload--there are many similar sites which could be an alternative option. Here's 5 of them, that you can use it as Megaupload alternative, or might be better than Megaupload it self.

List of 5 Megaupload File Sharing Site Alternatives.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is very good as Megaupload alternative for sharing file. This is a site that also popular in Indonesia. Dropbox is a free file hosting service providers that support direct linking. I.e. download file directly, without having to open the Dropbox website and look forward to your waiting time. Dropbox can be an option for sharing documents, photos, and videos. Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi who was a student at MIT. And it has now been used by more than 45 million users.

2. RapidShare

As reported by the International Business Times, RapidShare was the site of the popular file-sharing at this time. The site allows users to upload a big file and sends its link to your friends to be downloaded.
You need to do is sign up to create your account. After that, you can upload the desired file to be stored as long as possible. If you want to become a member of the RapidPro, cost USD 1 per month or USD 130 per year. With these special membership, your files will not be expired, and the stored and transferred files will be encrypted.

3. MediaFire

The site is promising a simple way for uploading and sharing files, the philosophy is drag and drop. The service offered is the unlimited storage files. However, if just free account, users can only upload files no more than 200 MB. And the file is usually also just saved in 30 days. Well, the paid account package or MediaFire Pro valued USD 9 per month. With the membership, the user can upload files up to 2 GB for all operations. It did not include the storage facilities with no limits and no need to be disturbed by the ads.

4. YouSendIt

YouSendIt also has been around a long time ago and now has grown to be one of the options for sharing files in a virtual world. Just like other services, the user can use the free or paid access on this site.
Where users have to willingly be disturbed by free advertising, but has storage up to 2 GB. While for the paid there are two types: YouSendiIt Pro free of charge USD 10 per month or USD 50 per year. While the YouSendiIt Pro Plus pegged USD 15 per month or USD 149 per year and would get unlimited upload storage.

5. Minus

Another Megaupload alternative. Minus its action as a service initiated an image sharing. However later popular in file sharing. You can easily download the drag and drop the files you want on this site, and then sends a short link to the peer. After it can be seen on the web, download it.

Hope this information is helpful for you who looking for an alternative file sharing sites after MegaUpload dies (shut down).
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Audiovox - AS-9903 - Super Loud Mini Six Tone Car Alarm Siren

Audiovox AS-9903 - Car Alarm Siren
This is mini car alarm siren unit, and its great for the reasonable price. Audiovox AS-9903 has 6 tones that change every few seconds sequentially. I mean an Audiovox siren car alarm usually goes for way more than what we paid for from Car Alarm Wholesale. Really compact and nice and loud for the size (20 Watts). Great find overall. Looks just like the one that comes with the Audiovox alarm systems I've seen.

The features of Audiovox - AS-9903:
  • Audiovox Six Tone Mini Siren (3.75" x 3.5" x 3.625")
  • 120db, 20 Watt


Audiovox as 9903 Super Loud Mini Six Tone Car Alarm Siren Video

This is the same siren that is also shown on my ATV. For more info, view the Multi Tone Car Alarm Siren Video below.

Audiovox AS-9903 Price

You can buy this mini siren car alarm from Amazon just for $17.95, and you save $12.00 or 40%. Its cheap siren car alarm, isn't it?

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Note: The price may change at any time. Price is up to the seller (
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