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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AMD Starts Go to Tablet PC Market

Until now, AMD has not developed a processor with a SoC (system on chip) such as those made Intel, NVidia, and ARM for mobile computing devices. However, it does not mean, AMD will not be silent in the competition smartphones and tablets are increasingly popular.

In the Computex 2011 event in Taipei, Taiwan, which took place May 31 through June 4, 2011, from U.S. chip manufacturer that announced the presence of serial processors Z. This is the first processor that AMD is prepared to begin competing in the tablet market.

MSI Winpad Tablet PC
MSI Winpad Tablet PC

To enter the smartphone market may still not be too suitable. However, filling a niche in the market tablet, the processor is still acceptable. At least with a larger size and a larger battery, the device made ​​does not have to require the integration of a limited space such as smartphones.

Z series processor code-named AMD Desna is already dual core and will exit with code Z -01. Basically, the Z series is the result of optimization processor series C-50 APU previously used for netbook -class product. GPU (graphical processing unit) that is used is the ATI Radeon HD 6250.

The first product that will use this Z series processors is 110W from MSI Windpad tablet that works with Windows 7 operating system. MSI WindPad 110W tablet pc which use 10 inches screen will be released for 599 U.S. dollars.