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Saturday, August 21, 2010

iPods Overheat Make a Train in Tokyo, Japan Stop

iPod Overheat Problem Make a Train in Tokyo-Japan Stop - Again reap iPods overheat problem. In Tokyo, Japan, the iPod is experiencing excessive heat to make a forced stop the train speed.

Tokyo Corp., the company that runs the rail service, explaining that the train had stopped for eight minutes outside of downtown Tokyo as it gets complaints from passengers who have stinging smell of burning in the carriage.

"When officers find the smell of burning it, one of the passengers show
that the iPod is on fire, "said a company spokesman as quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday (08/19/2010).

For security reasons, the train had to be stopped. Unfortunately it does not explain what kind of iPod model that was scorched. But clearly, the case adds to a series of other similar cases that occurred in the country Sakura last few years.

Japanese Trade Ministry has ordered Apple to increase the security of their portable media player. But until now Apple has not commented.

Previously, some cases suggest the iPod Nano charred and injured its owner's hand. iPod damaged circulating in Japan is known Apple products issued between September 2005 until December 2006. Apple said, will replace the battery for each first-generation iPod Nano.