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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

iPad News: Motorola Calls iPad “Giant iPhone”

If the folks at Motorola spent a lot of money on this ad, they're fools. While it has a couple of mildly clever moments, it does absolutely nothing to make consumers want to run right out and buy this thing. Motorola plans to introduce an Android tablet at CES on January 5, and just released a teaser video. While Apple's commercial spots for the iPad showcase its cool features and makes viewers want to run out and buy one, this spot disses the competition while telling you nothing at all about the product. The premise of the ad is a museum exhibit called "Tablet Evolution," stating the pros and cons of historic (but obsolete) tablets like the Ten Commandments.
mototablet1 iPad News: Motorola Calls iPad Giant iPhone

The Rosetta Stone had "multilingual support" but also "low resolution." While the first part of the spot is mildly amusing, it quickly becomes inane when the exhibit moves on the more recent tablets. The iPad is described as being "like a giant iPhone," while the Samsung Galaxy Tab is derided for using "Android OS… for a phone." The camera then moves on to the upcoming Motorola tablet—with a drape over it. And a bee buzzing around it. So basically, we're left with the impression that all there is to know about the new Motorola tab is that is attracts insects. The "bee" refers to Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb, but it's doubtful that many potential tablet buyers made the connection. "Motorola Tablet PC".