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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is Tablet PC?

Lately, we heard a lot about Tablet PC. What is Tablet PC? Just like notebooks and netbooks, Tablet PC is also a portable computer. When compared with notebook, tablet PC is much smaller in size, almost equal to the size of the netbook. However, the main characteristic that most distinguishes Tablet PC with notebooks and netbooks are: Tablet PC uses a touch screen technology (touchscreen) with writing ability of cognition, namely the ability to write directly on the screen, using a special tool called shaped pen, a stylus. In spite of a keyboard in the screen (touchscreen keyboards), Tablet PC can also use the regular keyboard and mouse usb.

But according to the news that I heard, actually long before Steve Jobs (Apple owner) introduced the iPad, there are several vendors selling Tablet PCs, but the wares are not as successful as the iPad. Therefore, many of them think that the Tablet PC is made by Apple. If that popularized, I think everyone agrees, Steve Jobs was the one, through its Tablet PC that is named iPad.

iPad Tablet PC
Tablet PC

Apple's success with their Tablet PC (IPAD) has encouraged other vendors join competing to make the Tablet PC. Reportedly, the strongest challenger iPad, comes from two leading mobile phone manufacturers, namely: RIM with "Blackberry Playbook" her and Samsung with "Galaxy Tab" her. But it is not absolute, because computer vendors and other leading mobile phone, one by one have started to make his prototype Tablet PC respectively.

Many people say, if Tablet PCs are more suitable for reading books and digital magazines, watching, playing games, browsing the Internet, presentations, social media / social networking, as well as check and send email.

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