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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Augen EBA701-B Digital eBook Reader Review

Augen EBA701-B ebook reader comes to offer some facilities to read various ebooks including MP3/MP4 and video. This is a great e reader part because it's so cheap part because you can download eBooks from websites such as Augen EBA701-B is also supported by the text features of Read-Out-Loud which allows you to listen to your favorite books aloud. In addition, this eBook also has a built-in speakers, and Wi-Fi for browsing the web.
Augen EBA701-B eReader Review
Augen EBA701-B ebook reader has a 7-inch screen and can store up to 1500 books with 2GB internal flash memory. It can also be saved to the eReader with a memory card up to 32GB in capacity. It also can read various file formats including TXT, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, FB2, TCR, MOBI and ePub (E-PUB). Other specifications include a full qwerty keyboard to make notes, and there are four kinds of fonts. Price Augen EBA701-B The Book 7″ Digital eReader for $ 74.99 with shipping $ 5.
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