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Thursday, January 20, 2011

eMachines eMD644 Laptop Specs, Review

eMachines released a new laptop in 2011, The eMachines company, subdivision of Acer, has expanded their 14-inch laptop lineup with the eMachines eMD644

The heart of this machine lies in the AMD Dual-Core E-350 processor and the AMD A50M Fusion Controller Hub chipset. Comes equipped with 14-inch screen high-brightness LED-backlit TFT LCD, eMachines eMD644 using AMD Dual-Core processor E-350 1.6GHz, AMD Fusion A50M Controller Hub chipset, Radeon HD 6310 graphics card, 2GB DDR3 RAM memory and HDD data space 500GB. Moreover, eMachines eMD644 also comes with a web camera, DVD burner, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, Wi-Fi and eMachines eMD644 battery life to 4.5 hours.
Acer eMachines eMD644

eMachines eMD644 Specs
* Executed on AMD Fusion platform
* Powered by a 1.6GHz Hybrid E-350 dual-core processor
* AMD A50M Fusion Controller Hub chipset
* Radeon HD 6310 integrated graphics
* Support for OpenCL 1.1, OpenGL 3.1, Open EXR High Dynamic-Range (HDR) technology
* Unified Video Decoder 3 (UVD3)
* ShaderModel 5.0, and Microsoft DirectX 11
* Sports 2GB DDR3 memory, and 500GB SATA hard drive
* 14-inch high-resolution and high-brightness LED-backlit TFT LCD display
* Display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
* Multi-format DVD writer
* Web camera, and card reader
* Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and Wi-Fi
* Delivers up to 4.5 hours of battery life

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