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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Garmin GTU 10 New GPS Locator

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Locator tracks whatever you want wherever atand. Garmin GTU 10 is a GPS locator that combines a web-based tracking service with GPS technology so you can keep watch on children, pets and property. GPS is that stuff that gets you home when you have no idea where you are, but it can also be the thing that helps. Garmin had the new GTU 10 GPS locator out for the world to see on the CES floor. If you need a refresher, this little tracker connects to AT&T's network and lets you keep tabs on anything you choose to hook it onto.
Garmin GTU 10
Garmin GTU 10 GPS Locator

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Locator comes with water resistant features, and easily attached to the collar, or on something you want to track or know. Garmin seems to be experimenting with a new live GPS tracking device called GTU 10 as we caught a glimpse of it in the FCC docs. Garmin GTU 10 GPS Locator allows you to create up to 10 geofences (virtual boundary) for your device, Garmin also will send an email or text message notifications to you or your brother. You must first register to to be able to use GPS.

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Locator Price for $199.99, with one year Standard Tracking (for access to ten points daily history of the song). See also "Garmin Nuvi 205W Portable GPS Review"