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Friday, January 21, 2011

How to create PDF on iPad

PDF files are often used in order to showcase products or create eBooks as well as in order to let someone know about a product or service you are offering. Creating PDF files is a really an easy thing to do on a computer as there are a many programmes out there but sometimes, you want to create a nice new PDF file when you are on the move. Now, you can create PDF files with your iPad without the use of a computer at all using the Save2PDF iPad App. How to create PDF on iPad

Save2PDF is a great application for the iPad that will allow you to do a lot more things with PDF files on the device than you ever thought was possible. iBooks and other apps like that are able to read PDF files on the iPad but when it comes to creating one, Save2PDF is in a league of its own.
When you first launch the app you will notice that there is nothing really special about the look of the app and that it is set out just like many of the other iPad apps that are available. There is a list of files on the left hand side of the screen with a toolbar at the bottom of the screen with everything that you are able to do in the app.

PDF files are one of the most well known file types around in the computing world and there are a lot of different uses for them. Now you can create PDF files on the iPad. Find out how after the jump.

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