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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Downloaded 20 Million Times

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 9
Although still in beta, Internet Explorer 9 ( IE 9 ) Until Earlier this year has been downloaded 20 million times. Although it was not clear whether it is the number of unique downloads or multiple downloads (same person), but the number is somewhat encouraging for Microsoft.

As quoted from the Windows Team Blog, on Tuesday (4/1/2010 ), as the new year celebration, Roger Capriotti, Director of Microsoft Internet Explorer Product Marketing said that the number of downloads IE 9 has overflowed.

" We launched Internet Explorer 9 Beta on 15 September 2010 and currently has overflowed, " he explained. According to data from Net Applications, the number of users IE9 beta has now reached 34.7 percent of the total users of the IE browser.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's campaign which invites the previous version of IE users to migrate to IE9 was successful. Capriotti confirmed today the number of IE6 users only 13.81 percent, from first launched in 2001.

Basically IE9 bring some new changes such as support for the HTML5, Direct2D, DirectWrite graphics hardware acceleration, and enhanced features in CSS3 and standardization SVG2. As a result it would make IE 9 'run' faster and lighter, not least with its competitors.