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Sunday, January 2, 2011

iPad Price in eStore Jakarta same with Apple Store

No wonder eStore outlets in Ratu Plaza, Jakarta directly invaded hundreds of people on Saturday (12/18/2010), to obtain IPAD directly. Moreover, can be said the price offered here same with the price in Apple online Store.

iPad only be sold by sales agents who marked Apple Premium Reseller. As one of Apple Premium Reseller, eStore sell iPad with two different specifications, which the first just completed Wi-Fi and a second specification is equipped with Wi-Fi 3G.

eStore sell iPad starting price of Rp 4.79 million, slightly cheaper than the Apple Store Indonesia which sell starting from Rp 4.799 million. The difference is, consumers who buy at the Apple Store Indonesia can carve (Engrave) in the casing behind it as a greeting or identity. However, online shoppers have to wait 2-3 weeks to get the iPad, whereas in the eStore can just get it.

Prices are provided eStore expensive IPAD is Rp 7.99 million for the iPad 3G WiFi with a capacity of 64 GB of memory. However, on the inaugural day of the sale, the model was sold out immediately, there is even a willing buyer pivot. "For iPad with Wi-Fi 3G 64 Gigabyte memory capacity sold out today and there are buyers who indent (waited)," said Yuan Agata, marketing communications eStore, yesterday.

According to Yuan, Apple deliberately accelerate the launch of the iPad in Indonesia before Christmas so it's can serve as Christmas gifts. Here are the details of the sale price in the eStore iPad, Ratu Plaza, Senayan.

iPad with Wi-Fi

Memory 16GB: Rp 4.790.000
Memory 32GB: Rp 5.790.000
Memory 64GB: Rp 6.790.000

ipad with Wi-Fi + 3G

Memory 16GB: Rp 5.990.000
Memory 32GB: Rp 6.990.000
Memory 64GB: Rp 7.990.000