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Monday, February 14, 2011

Divoom iTour Speaker Black-POP Prices and Specifications

Divoom iTour Speaker-POP Divoom Black is the speaker output is intended for low-end, where the price Rp.260.000, - you can get the standard class speakers. Here is a review of Gadget.Faqih.Net about specifications, prices, Advantages and Disadvantages of Divoom iTour Speaker Black-POP.

Divoom iTour Speaker

Specifications of Speaker Divoom iTour Black-POP are:
Frequency Response: 80 - 200MHz
Input Connections: USB
Color: Black
Power Supply: 3.7V, 500mA x H USB = 5V. 0.1A

Advantages and Benefits of Divoom iTour Speaker Black-POP are:
The advantages and superiority of this speaker is the speaker manufacture innovative audio products, we are dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing a variety of speakers to create technology-advanced multimedia and home theater that excel in aesthetic design and audio performance. Our mission is to make the best choices Divoom of sound solutions for home, wherever you go, or personal enjoyment.

Disadvantages and Weaknesses of the Speaker Divoom iTour Black-POP are:
Until this article was made, we have not found a weakness of this Divoom speaker output, if you find the weaknesses of these speakers, then you can post your comment in the comment form.

Prices of new and used Divoom iTour Speaker Black-POP are:
ranged between 100,000, 400,000, until, - the speaker output Divoom was written in January 2011, and for the price 2nd/bekas of speakers has not been found, if you want to sell your speakers, can immediately write down the comment form below.