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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Luxury Ipad 2 by Stuart Hughes

Liverpool goldsmith Stuart Hughes has just launched the IPAD 2 with his own design. The device is priced U.S. $8 million. The gadget was coated with 16.5 carat diamond and the Apple logo made ​​of gold and the home key that is made from a single 8.5 carat diamond protected by platinum and surrounded gemstone.

iPad 2
Luxury Ipad 2 designed by Stuart Hughes

Bezel gadget is made from 75 million years amolit containing T-Rex's bone 56 million years old. If you a football star or oil prince of the Arab , you may need to hire a strict protection to bring the gadget that weighs two kilogram.
As quoted Techradar, this gadget will be made for only two in the world.