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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Point Blank Indonesia-Download Latest PB Game Cheat

Game Point Blank Online - Download the Latest Cheat Point Blank - PB Online. If asked, what the Indonesian people's favorite games today? of course the answer is Point Blank. A game which was developed by Zepetto - Korea has a genre of First Person Shooter or FPS. More fun again because it can be played online. In Indonesia, Point Blank online has been a lot of users. Apparently, this is a refreshing game of Counter Strike which had emerged as the best favorite game for 10 years. No wonder when the site visited by many interested persons, even beat the Indonesia online gaming site,

Point Blank Indonesia the rapid growth is due to present the Visual Effects is a very realistic and dynamic, combined with a distinguished 3d sound pretty awesome. So unlike, which only serve mini-game. Not to mention Cheat Point Blank afloat is so large and attractive, like Cheat Poker up which of course you can download also for free on In the FPS itself usually there are 2 sides who play a role as well as your choice of characters who can play, such as CT Force and Free Rebels. Ct Force is Force Counter terrorist who is the best security forces in the government, while the Free Rebels are immigrants who were expelled from the community to become rebels and control drug trafficking business and also weapons.

Interesting is not it? Let's play, but downloads the game first, the patch file, also the PB cheat via the links available below :

Download Game Point Blank Indonesia