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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Insignia NS-DV720P Camcorder

Insignia NS-DV720P digital camcorder is a really great inexpensive camcorder. The LCD display built inside this camcorder is a 3-inch in size and the still pictures displayed on the LCD are captured through 5MP camera.

Using the Insignia NS-DV720P digital camcorder you can capture precious moments of your family and friends in a high-definition 1280 x 720 resolution to its 90MB of internal memory or to supported SD/SDHC memory cards.

This camcorder also sports a 3-inch LCD screen and other features including a mini HDMI connection, USB 2.0 interface, a night scene mode for low-light situations, digital image stabilization and a 3x digital zoom.

Other features with useful functions that may improve the quality of the images are digital image stabilization, night shooting capability, 90MB internal memory that is designed with Secure Digital card compatibility, USB interface, a traveling bag, editing software, and the power adapter that is engineered to meet Energy Star standard.

The simple design seems like too simple. Moreover, it is an unfortunate that NS-Insignia NS-DV720P delivers short zoom range and frustrating pictures quality. You can imagine that the 5MP camera is merely producing the equal quality of pictures which are captured through good mobile phone quality. So, it sounds reasonable that the product is sold in a quite low price.

This is a great little camera and a really great inexpensive camcorder. To say that the 5mp camera is about as good mobile phone quality seems to miss the point that out of 15 Verizon camera phones I looked at, they start at 1.3mp go up to 3 mp and only 1 is 5mp. I use a professional Kodak ZD710 camera and it is only 5mp. A 10mp camera is required if you want to print a 6 ft x 6 ft print but doesn’t do that much in the clinches.

The camcorder is great because it does have 90mb of internal memory but also allows SD or SDHD memory cards so you can easily add 4 to 8 + GB of movies.

It also has an HDMI output as well as AV output for your TV and comes with Artisoft MediaImpressions Software (a $79.00 value) .

You can also record voice and sound ( ie. mp3 files) and can play the sound with earphones connected to the AV Jack. This camcorder can as well become perfect choice for those who come with tight budget. Even though the price tagged is pretty low, the camcorder is claimed to give adequate value of features.