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Friday, April 22, 2011

NoDo, Windows Phone Applications for Copy Paste in WP7

The long awaited has come. Windows Phone Update named 'NoDo' with copy-paste, already can be felt Windows mobile users in Indonesia.

This update has been tested, with HTC phones HD7. How to update was fairly easy. Just connect the phone to the PC through the Zune software, updates will be done by itself.

Times to update NoDo finished about 30 minutes. After that copy and paste can be made.

When tested for typing a document via Microsoft Office, simply tap on certain words, Windows mobile phone would be sorting by green lines.

NoDo-WP7 Copy Paste Apps
NoDo-Windows Phone Apps Update (for Copy Paste)

If you already click the 'copy'. Copy of the results can be paste out of documents, such as twitter or facebook. Users now also can copy and paste in internet explorer browser. From the performance side, the slide show application WP7 became more pronounced lightly.

Still Bug
Nevertheless, NoDo Update still can not eliminate some bugs. Shortly after the update, detikINET receive an SMS. But, when opened, suddenly SMS lost.

Intrigued by it, detikINET even try it again after the phone is restarted. Apparently the results were the same. Important SMS unreadable.
Eventually the problem was resolved with the factory reset. Hopefully Microsoft's attention to this. NoDo-WP7 Copy Paste Apps
Source: detikINET