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Saturday, September 3, 2011

SoundMAGIC EH-10 Review

SoundMAGIC, probably not many people ever heard of this manufacturer before. As an introduction, established in 2005, SoundMAGIC is an electronics company based in Shenzhen, where the company has specialized in creating earphones and headphones for portable gadgets. Although still relatively new company, SoundMAGIC has a lot gained much reputation through reviews on websites. As an introduction, the following test results on semi earphones in ear monitor (IEM) SoundMAGIC EH10. SoundMAGIC EH10 Black Review

The design of the SoundMAGIC EH10 quite unique, has a shape such as in ear monitors because it has the earplug. But the earplug is not fully inserted into the holes in our ears and there is some sort earhook attached to our ear, unique is not it? Therefore, let's just SoundMAGIC EH10 semi IEM designs. Semi-IEM earphones are priced under $50, with a touch of metal on some part of these earphones, making SoundMAGIC EH10 look beautiful.

SoundMAGIC provide three color choices for the EH10, for those who want to look elegant, there is black color, pink color for your feminine, and white color for you Apple lovers remember the white is the color of the greatness of Apple. For use in a long time, SoundMAGIC EH10 is very comfortable. This is thanks to the earhook attached to your ear, so the burden does not depend directly on your ear canal like the most earphones. For you lovers of good jogging on a treadmill or jogging track, SoundMAGIC EH10 can be your friend, because these earphones will not be separated from your ears during your jogging, again thanks to its unique earhook earlier. But unfortunately, for those who wear glasses, earhook was going to collide with the handle of your glasses, so it might need a little adjustment for those who use glasses.

SoundMAGIC EH10 Pink Review Sound characteristics of SoundMAGIC EH-10 can not be compared with other conventional earphones or IEM. Because the earplug not completely cover your ear canal, noise isolation from EH10 SoundMAGIC may not be as perfect as IEM, but also makes no noise from the outside in like earphones in general. So for those of you who want to try a new sensation in the use of earphones, SoundMAGIC EH10 offers a totally different characteristics. The resulting sound quality is arguably unpleasant earphones, the sound tends to warm with good detail, SoundMAGIC EH10 also offers ample staging quality. The resulting thick bass impressed and controlled, mid-range of detailed and quite clear and high sound that can blend with the background song you are listening to. One word to describe the quality of these earphones, which is fun! SoundMAGIC EH10 Review

The conclusion that, although still relatively new player, SoundMAGIC able to produce products that are not bad. Prices are friendly may be advantages in addition to a captivating performance. Earhook it provide comfort for you lovers of jogging, but not for those who wear glasses. But for that one thing, you just need a little adjustment and SoundMAGIC EH10 can be your best friend to enjoy your favorite songs.