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Thursday, October 13, 2011

VINCI 7-Inch Android (8GB)-Mobile Learning Tablet

VINCI 7" Android Tablet for Mobile Learning Tool

Invented by a mom, VINCI is a new category of early learning systems exclusively designed for children ages 4 and under.

VINCI sets a new standard for learning by converging developmental science, cutting edge technology and early childhood education to offer a safe, fun and inspirational learning experience.

VINCI 7" Android Tablet Specs

  • Processor: Cortex A8

  • 7 inch (diagonal) multi-touch screen

  • LCD Resolution: 800x480

  • Rear Facing camera 3 Mega-pixel

  • Android 2.3

  • Memory: 514MB

  • Internal Storage: 8GB

  • Battery: 6400mAH Lithium Ion)

  • Power (normal use): 6 hours

  • Wireless: not installed

  • Weight: 1.3 lb

  • VINCI Early Learning Apps:

  • Games: Explorations, The World: Africa
    Story Books: Ugly Duck, Smart Ant, Boy Who Cried Wolf
    Music Videos: Baby Haha's Music Adventure Volume 1

    VINCI 7-Inch Android Tablet Features

    Developmental Science
    VINCI Tab, VINCI's first early learning system, comes complete with part of the VINCI Early Learning Curriculum.

    The games, story books and music videos are specifically designed for fun, parent-guided and interactive education which is mapped to be inter-connected and designed to provide levels of learning according to each child's age and capability.

    Age Norms are scientifically proven milestones that cover developmental stages including motor and social/emotional skills as well as language and cognitive abilities.

    Cutting Edge Technology
    VINCI Tab features a 7-inch touchscreen and Android OS based on the most advanced Cortex A8 microprocessor. For the first time, young children are offered a true technological device equally advanced as their parents tablets. VINCI offers young children the best of the world, because our future relies on children.

    Early Education
    VINCI taps into the early childhood education, focusing on nurturing Curiosity, Critical thinking, Capability to observe and discover, Control and discipline, Confidence and Communication, with the goal to build our children's character and foster a winning attitude. VINCI embraces exploration based, child led and parent guided playful learning where children have fun, and are in control. VINCI apps encourage parent-child joint attention with fun for both parents and children.

    Unlike other tablets and devices on the market, VINCI Tab has no WIFI functions or wireless technology, which minimizes emissions and protects children from unwanted content on the Internet. Parents have full control over what their children play. VINCI Tab uses exclusively non toxic, medical and food grade materials for the handle and housing.

    VINCI 7-Inch Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet (8GB) Price: $479.00
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    3D VinciTab 3D VinciTab VINCI 7-Inch Tablet Games
    Through a series of 3D animated games, VINCI challenges conventional thinking about early childhood education by promoting 'active learning' over 'passive watching.' VINCI Games are mapped to developmental milestones based on Age Norms, in a real world context, designed to help parents and children explore, play, have fun, and learn together.
    3D VinciTab VINCI 7-Inch Tablet Music Videos
    Music is a great way to introduce your child to the real world and is proven to develop a wide variety of motor and cognitive skills. Sing-n-Dance album including 12 songs is for fun sing alone and dance together, with Baby Haha's simple gestures for your little one to imitate and for you to enjoy. Lullabies including 8 soothing songs help you to quiet your child down before nap or bed time.
    storybooks VINCI 7-Inch Storybooks
    VINCI Story books re-tell children's classics using an engaging learning approach. Children are able to touch objects on the screen and experience the delight of immediate interactive feedback. The stories are told using simple language allowing your child to learn language and to understand the ideas behind the stories.
    VINCI Diary VINCI 7-Inch Tablet Camera
    With VINCI Tab's 3 megapixel built-in camera, parents can easily capture every step of their child's unique progress. VINCI Diary reminds parents about what they can expect in terms of developmental milestones at each specific age of their child, and link pictures and videos to create the child's very own story book. VINCI Diary is available for download in autumn 2011 to VINCI Tab users who have registered their purchase at VINCIGenius web site.