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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Audiophile iPod Speakers-Dock

Audiophile iPod Speakers Review
The most expensive iPod speakers are Hammacher Schlemmer Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers. When B & W created an iPod speaker system it gave the iPod a stamp of approval as a potential audiophile device. (
This is the first tube-based iPod® speaker system, producing a luxurious warmth and clarity prized by audiophiles and previously difficult to reproduce outside of custom-built amplifiers of a handful of live musicians.

Mini Stereo speakers for your iPod
Flat pack cardboard - fold it yourself mini Boom Box stereo for your iPod or other MP3 player. Complete with real, fully working and amplified speakers (batteries included) - this baby is load! Take this to the park and annoy everyone around you with YOUR favourite tunes. Great little replica of a battered 80's "portable" stereo with retro graphics.

The tube amplifier smooths over distortions found in modern digital recordings while helping to compensate and minimize the quality loss inherent in compressed audio such as MP3s.

Audiophile iPod Speakers Price:
Hammacher Schlemmer Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers: also labeled as the most expensive iPod speakers. Retail Price – $3999.95

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