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Monday, January 10, 2011

FAQ-iPhone Downgrade

Downgrade iPhone Software
(+) Is it possible to downgrade iphone 4 software? I upgraded my iphone 4 to 4.1 by accident and didnt save shsh.But my wifes iphone is still 4.0.2 Is it possible to still downgrade my iphone 4 to 4.0.2 3
(-) google search iphone firmwares and download it, save it to your desktop. Go to itunes and where it says restore, click it while holding shift and select the iphone firmware you downloaded. if you need it jailbroken use redsn0w and download the shsh's you need. I have read of some cases where it is impossible. You might be able to though. Yes, but i wouldn't. Most of them would provably be viruses.

Downgrade iPhone Software

(+) How can to downgrade an Iphone 3g modem firmware? I recently upgraded my iphone to 4.1 and had horrible issues with wi-fi not working and a few other aggravating things. I downgraded back to 3.1.3 but, the modem firmware stayed upgraded. I am wanting to re jailbreak my phone and load android on it but without the modem downgrade I am unable to do so. Anyone know any work around for this? One Response to How can to downgrade an Iphone 3g modem firmware? there is no way to downgrade your baseband….
(-) All you need to do is re-jailbreak your iPhone and then install bootlace to get android on it there is a guide here good luck android does NOT run well on iPhones yet

(+) How do I downgrade my iPhone in iTunes 10? SO I recently undated iTunes to iTunes 10. Unfortunately I do not know any way to downgrade my iPhone 3gs on the new 4.1 (not 4.0.1) to 4.0.2. Any suggestions?
(-)Ok Dude. first off.. I want to say Sorry. And i Apologize because… since you have updated past the 4.0.2 iOS you CAN NORMALLY NOT downgrade.
If you were on the 4.0/4.0.2 You Could downgrade easily (without causing harm the the iPod Flash Drive), but "Normally" Not happening after the 4.1 Update. With that being said; there was an exploit found that will allow iPod/iPhone Users to downgrade..
( I am NOT Guaranteeing it will work and am NOT Held Responsible for any damages that could be caused to the iPod. USE AT OWN RISK & READ. READ. READ!!!) .

(+) what is the safest way to downgrade an iphone 3g from 2.2 firmware to 2.1 firmware? I want to downgrade my iphone 3g frm 2.2 firmaware to 2.1 firmware… how do i do it ? 2 Responses to what is the safest way to downgrade an iphone 3g from 2.2 firmware to 2.1 firmware? Why would you want to?
(-) Id rather get custom firmware…
anyways heres a great vid to do it. Peace!!! If you made the upgrade with itunes ,, then you cant down grade the firmware . if you are looking to unlock you iphone you can get a turbo sim here:

(+) How do I downgrade my iPhone 06.04 baseband bootloader to make it work with ultrasn0w?
I have a 3.1.2 3G iPhone that is already jailbroken, but needs its baseband to be downgraded.
I tried using fuzzyband, but its only compatible with 05.08
(-) There is currently no way to downgrade an iphone with bootloader 06.04 or any bootloader greater than 05.08. Maybe in the future.

(+) Do I need to downgrade my iPhone’s firmware in order to jailbreak it? I have a 3G iPhone, version 4, with modem firmware 05.13.04, and in order to jailbreak I think I need firmware 3. Is there anyway around this? Or is a downgrade my only option?
(-) to solve your problem you can try one of the many online software do this or you can downgrade the firmware. good luck!
go to this awesome!

(+) How do you downgrade and iphone 3g from ios4 to 3.1.3? I have read many forums and advise pages on how to downgrade my iphone 3g from software IOS4 to 3.1.3, the only problem is need to put the phone is DFU mode, now i cannot do this as the power button on my phone is broken. Is there any other way to do it without turning it off. Thanks
(-) If you have an iPhone 3G and you have this feeling that upgrading to iOS 4 has slowed down your device and that you want to go back to iPhone 3.1.3 / 3.1.2. Or if you are one of those iPhone 3GS (new bootrom) or iPod touch 3G / 2G (MC model) user who has upgraded to iOS 4 only to find out that you cant jailbreak it can follow the instructions posted below to downgrade iOS 4.0 to iOS (formerly iPhone 3.1.3 or 3.1.2).
Step 1: Download the old iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPhone OS 3.1.2 ipsw firmware files. (Download links: 3.1.3 / 3.1.2)
Step 2: Put your device into DFU mode (not recovery mode).
* Connect your iPhone to your computer.
* Turn iPhone off.
* Start iTunes.
* Hold Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds or so.
* Release Power button but keep holding the Home button until your computer recognizes a new USB device.
* iTunes will now recognize your iPhone. Note: Your iPhone screen at this time should be blank (black in color), if not, then you are most likely in Recovery Mode, not DFU mode.
(Step 3 is for iPhone 3GS users only. If you are on iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2G (non-MC model), skip Step 3 and continue from Step 4)

Step 3: This step is applicable to iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G and iPod touch 2G (MC model) which have their SHSH blobs (ECID SHSH) saved on Cydia for the firmware you downgrading on. If you don't have your SHSH files saved, you cannot downgrade the mentioned devices. So what we will do is to trick iTunes into thinking that it is watching Apple servers, while in real, we are going to change the address to Saurik's server.
* Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and locate "hosts" file. Hosts file in Windows Mac users can get to "/etc/" directory by going through "Go –> Go to Folder" from Finder. Hosts file in OS X * Open this "hosts" file in Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for Mac OS X) and add this line as shown in the screenshot below: 21 Now simply save this file and you are good to go! NOTE for Windows 7 and Vista: Start "Notepad" with Administrator privileges by right clicking on "Notepad" app, and click on "Run as Administrator" option.

Step 4: You will now have to restore your iPhone or iPod touch to the firmware you downloaded in Step 1. Click on your phone icon from the sidebar in iTunes. Now press and hold left "alt" (option) button on Mac (Left "Shift" button on Windows) on the keyboard and then click on "Restore" (Not "Update" or "Check for Update") button in the iTunes and then release this button. iTunes This will make iTunes prompt you to select the location for your downloaded firmware file. Select that ipsw file and click on "Open".
Step 5: Now sit back and enjoy as iTunes does the rest for you. This will involve a series of automated steps. Be patient at this stage and don't do anything silly. Just wait while iTunes installs firmware on your iPhone or iPod touch. Your iPhone screen at this point will be showing a progress bar indicating installation progress. Now at some point, iTunes will throw 1011, 1013 or 1015 error at you. This is normal, just ignore this error as the firmware has already been successfully installed on the device.
Step 6: Now you will need to exit your device from Recovery Mode. To do this, download a program called RecBoot (Windows / Mac). Run it and the click on "Exit Recovery Mode" button. Your device will now restart normally. RecBoot This is it, you should now be able to jailbreak your device on this older OS. For iPhone 3.1.2 firmware, you can use blackra1n, PwnageTool, redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, ultrasn0w and blacksn0w to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone and iPod touch. For iPhone 3.1.3 firmware for iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and iPod touch 1G/2G, you can use redsn0w 0.9.3, redsn0w 0.9.4, sn0wbreeze, PwnageTool 3.1.5. Unlocking can be done using ultrasn0w or blacksn0w. iPhone 3.1.3 (on devices with new bootrom and baseband) can use Spirit to jailbreak iPhone 3GS/3G and iPod touch 3G/2G.

(+) How to downgrade iphone 3g software from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2? Im trying to jailbreak and unlock my iphone for tmobile. I was going to do it 3 days ago and now the firmware changed. Should I upgrade to 3.1.3 and then downgrade or is there a way to update from 2.28.00 to 3.1.2
(-) You should never upgrade to 3.1.3 then do a downgrade. It is a different boot rom and their is not hack to reverse it to 3.1.2. I would go on line and do a search for the 3.1.2 software file. I would click restore and press it think it option on the mac. I don't know pc and restore it to 3.1.2. Once you update 3.1.3 you cannot unlock it as of right now. go to this web site its shows ya how to do it ther m8

(+) How do i Downgrade my IPhone 4? I was restoring my uncles IPhone 4 for him because his Cydia icon disappeared. While restoring it Itunes updated the iphone from 4.0 to 4.2.1. Now i cant jailbreak it, how do i downgrade the iphone to something jailbreakable.
BTW i am 13 so please dont put things a 13 year old wouldnt understand.

(+) Can i downgrade from my iphone 3g to something cheaper? I have had an iphone 3g for a couple of months now and it is a little more expensive. Is there a way I can get a cheaper phone?
(-) You'd have to ask your service provider. Yes you can. What you'd need to do is buy another phone (ebay or craigslist), change to that phone and sell your Iphone 3G (which will recoup what you pay for another phone)

(+) How do I downgrade iphone from version 3.1.3? I need to downgrade from version 3.1.3 back to the previous version. Can anyone help me?
Ok so how do I do that?
(-) Apple will not let you. The only way is with the aid of Jailbreaking. The Jailbreak software will create a file that you can put on your phone. My best advice is to Jailbreak the current software and leave it on there. If you do this, your iPhone will do anything and everything!

(+) Will the iphone still work as a phone if i downgrade it from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1? I want to Downgrade my iphone from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 and i have heard that if u do this your i phone wont work as a phone anymore and i really dont want to take the chance with my phone. so i really need to know if this is true so i can know before i do anything and can any1 post any good websites or anything that will teach me how to downgrade my phone
(-) the best way to find out is to ask your service provider but as it is a multimedia device built around a phone i wouldn't think it would matter as long as you keep the phone settings active.

(+) Which is easier on the iPhone? To downgrade or jailbreak? I have an iPhone 3G and I upgraded it by accident to the 4.0.2 version. I want to jailbreak up but they dnt have anything on YouTube to help me jailbreak this version. So do any of you know how to jailbreak this version?? Or should I just downgrade it then jailbreak it? If I should downgrade first, please explain how.

(+) iPhone 3G downgrade and jailbreak? Okay, I have an iPhone 3G, not 3GS, with 3.1. Can I downgrade to 3.0 and then jailbreak? how do I do it?
(+) Read this and follow the instructions. This website also has a tutorial for jailbreaking 3.0.1 firmware, just look around and you'll find it. If you have a Mac, go to this link and follow the instructions:
If you have a Windows, check back with the link above for an update for Windows users as it should be out soon.

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