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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Firefox 4

After 8 months of the release of Beta 1 version ( 6 july 2010 ), finally Firefox version 4 has been released officially. Currently, the number of downloads after release of the Mozilla browser output is already more than 4.7 million downloads, this number continues to increase every minute. Firefox download statistics can be viewed at

Firefox version 4 brings a lot of changes from previous versions, especially in terms of appearance was first felt by the user. There are some changes in this latest version of Firefox, the following reviews by Okezone, regarding changes in the browser 'The Fire Fox '.

Advantages of Firefox 4
The first point is the TAB placed at top, menu buttons are combined (in the previous version : File, Edit, Tools, etc), reload and stop buttons are combined into one, the last home button moved next to the search field.
New features are quite interesting is the Group Tabs, this feature lets you categorize your tabs into groups. This feature can be accessed by clicking the Group button tabs on the minimize button, or pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E.

In order to create a new group simply block area, and then stay grouping tabs by dragging the tab into a particular group.

The second point, Firefox 4 display interface also improves performance. Firefox 4 to increase the speed when users open a browser, web page rendering speed and load javascript faster with his new javascript engine called J├ĄgerMonkey.

In this new version of Firefox have Crash protection features, if any plugins, eg Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime, Microsoft Silverlight a freeze or crash, it will not affect the browser.

Firefox 4 is also already supports HTML 5, HTML tag like <video> have to run, as well as the other HTML 5 tags.

Disadvantages of Firefox 4

It's just that there are some add - ons that are not compatible with the latest version of Firefox 4, such as social bookmarking service, Delicious Bookmarks 2.1.106. RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 1.0 and NoScript add - ons that are quite popular also not compatible.

Another minor deficiency is that users can not select the address bar directly by pressing the F6 button ( in version 3.6 can ), for users accustomed to rarely use the mouse small thing is quite disturbing.

For web developers do not need to worry, because the add - ons " mandatory " such as Firebug, Web Developer, User Agent Switcher or YSlow running well.

Overall, Firefox 4 is qualified enough to compete with some other browsers.
But one of the hallmarks of this browser is, still supports the Windows XP platform, which it had been abandoned by Microsoft itself, through Internet Explorer. (techno.okezone- firefox 4 strength and weakness).
Firefox 4
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