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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rumor: Nokia Tablet Without Microsoft

Increased levels of consumer interest on the Tablet, triggering Nokia to issue the same product. But along with these rumors, rumors also in making this tablet, Nokia did not include their new partner, Microsoft.

Reported by the nearest source of Engadget at Nokia, quoted Thursday (03/24/2011). These tablets will not be using Windows 7 Phone, which is less tested for the device with a screen size is quite large.
Windows 7 Tablet
The speculation, the company based in Finland, will re-use MeeGo operating system, which is a software collaboration with Intel in the past. For starters, the Nokia tablet is going to have a design similar to Nokia N8 smart phone. But with a much larger size. In addition, there is no more detailed information about these devices.

According to the sources, the first Nokia's tablet will feature an incredible screen, including a television feature.