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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trying Firefox 4 for Android

Once present on the desktop, Mozilla has finally released the Firefox 4 for Android Mobile. What are the features of Firefox 4 mobile browser ?

Firefox 4 has some interesting features that have not been in previous versions. In addition to a more fashionable appearance, the performance of JavaScript processes were improved, so that makes it faster when opening a web page. Not satisfied just on desktop, Mozilla was released Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo.

Firefox 4 versions of Android has some excellent features such as tabbed browsing, bookmarks, Firefox Sync and supports several Add-Ons. But keep in mind that this browser does not support smart phone that still uses the ARM processor v6 or before.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Developers claims that Firefox 4 for Android 3 times faster than the Android phone default browser. This is because the javascript engine combined with JIT JaegerMonkey in it is believed will be able to open web pages faster and better graphics quality.

It's display look more fresh than the Android built-in browser. Stay minimalist, but more functional. For example, the placement of active web ' hidden ' on the left. Just slides, then the current list of web pages will be visible.

In addition to a fresh appearance, one of the most interesting feature in Firefox 4 is a Firefox Sync. With this users can sync bookmarks, history, passwords, settings, and even tabs between browsers on mobile phones with the desktop. Is not it interesting?

Firefox browser looks ready to compete with other browsers that already exist in Android, especially Opera. Is the Opera feel threatened or ordinary in the face of the presence of Firefox 4 android?

Download firefox 4 android browser or Download Mozilla Firefox 4 for dekstop.
Firefox 4 Android
Firefox 4 for Android can be obtained for free at Android Market.