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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Factory reset toshiba laptop windows 7

toshiba win 7
Factory Reset Toshiba Win 7
Factory reset on toshiba laptop windows 7? Someone has problems with toshiba satellite a305-s6905 that keeps getting BSOD and occasionally pops open new, unrelated, internet tabs. Sometimes when it boot, appears the black screen with "windows cannot start" and error code 0x000000a0. A recovery disc doesn't seem to work. The laptop initially came with Vista, but was upgraded to Windows 7 by a relative (who does not live anywhere near me any longer, so obtaining the installation disc from them is a failed mission).

Ask Quotes:
If I attempt to do a factory reset, will it reset to Vista, or because I have a Windows 7 recovery disc, it will reset it to Windows 7? If anyone can also come up with a solution to my issue, I would be greatly appreciative.

The solutions:

Hopefully when they installed the upgrade for windows 7 from vista they left you with the toshiba recovery partition here is the information for toshiba laptops. It will reset to Vista however and overwrite and files you have.

Try these steps to Factory reset toshiba laptop windows 7 , hope they will help you:
1. Copy all your files and documents to an external storage device.
2. Shut down the computer.
3. Turn the PC back on and hit the F8 key repeatedly until the Advanced Boot Option Screen appears.
4. Click "Repair Your Computer" if you are not already on it and then press ENTER
5. choose your country and click OK
6. On the "System Recovery Options Screen" click "Restore Application" which is the last option.
7. Follow the on-screen instructions
8. When prompted, click on "Full Factory Recovery"
9. "Next"
10. Click "Yes"
11. you will notice for a while it seems like nothing is happening, give it some time.
12. After some minutes, recovery will complete and you click "Finish"

Hopefully helpful. :)

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