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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Samsung Series 9 Notebook Review

Series 9-New Samsung's Notebook Made of Aircraft Materials

Samsung launches new notebooks on Tuesday ( 04/05/2011 ) in Jakarta. The Notebook -named Samsung Series 9 has the advantage of a thin, lightweight, strong and stylish.
This notebook has a shell made ​​of duralumin. Such materials commonly used in aircraft bodies. This material has the characteristics of light, but two times stronger than aluminum. Another advantage, notebook thick is only 16.33 mm and is claimed as the thinnest in its class. The notebook weight is also quite mild because the size of 13 inches, weighs only 1.31 kg.

Samsung Series 9 Notebook
Samsung Series 9 Notebook

Notebooks are designed with no corner so that when combined with the thin, appear dynamic and elegant impression. This notebook is suitable for active users.

Not only that, the Samsung Series 9 Notebook is also expected to function as style part.

Functionally, the Samsung Series 9 has benefits on the screen thanks to the features of Super Bright light First to 400 units. Views become twice more bright, with color reproduction range ( 16 million colors ) and super contras ratio (1,300: 1 ). There are also features Auto Display brightness automatically adjusts the light with ambient light.

Samsung Series 9 Notebook Specs
Samsung Series 9 Notebook Performance supported of Microsoft Windows 7 and Intel Core i5/i7 second generation with 8 GB memory. Intel Turbo Boost Technology to allocate energy in the right place, supporting the speed and energy savings.

The existence of Fast Start Instant On feature allowing users to start working only after 12 seconds and just wait for 3 seconds when the notebook is awakened from sleep mode. Boot process 60 percent faster than notebook hard disk drive ( HDD ).

Samsung Series 9's Battery also sparingly because of the Power Plus, a technology that optimizes battery charge so it can extend its age.

To support conversations or recording, there are 1.3 M HD webcam.

Samsung Series 9 Notebook Price
Samsung Series 9 laptop will be marketed in Indonesia at a price of about Rp. 14.9 million.

Amid the incessant selling tablet, Samsung believes netbooks and notebooks will still be in demand. In 2011, Samsung comes with innovation which is based on the tagline " Brighter, Faster, Longer."
Samsung also looked at the company markets other than individual consumer.

Sales of Samsung 9 Series is targeted to reach the thousands units during year 2011. The launch of the Samsung Series 9 Notebook is one of Samsung's efforts to expand work on the medium and premium segment.