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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Power of Publicity via Social Networking Media

The Power of Publicity via Social Networking Media-In addition to great strength in persuade society, media, social networking can be used as a publicity tool. Through publicity, imaging individual or institution can be done effectively.

Social networking media has several advantages. First, interactivity, the ability of the interactive nature of the interactive capabilities similar to interpersonal communication. Second, social presence (sociability), which have a major role to build a sense of personal contact with other communication participants.

Third, the media Richness, namely a bridge if there is a difference frame of reference, to reduce ambiguity, provide cues, as well as more sensitive and more personal.
Social Network
Social Network
Fourth, the autonomy, which provides a high freedom for users to control content and use. Through new media, the participants of communication can be independent of the source of communication. Fifth, playfulness, namely as an entertainment and enjoyment. Sixth, privacy, namely facilities that can make participants communicate using media and content according to needs. Seventh, personalization. Excess latter stressed that the content of the message in the communication and its use is personal and unique.

New Opportunities
Some of the advantages that make social networking media have very high persuasive power. Approach to suit individual user needs to make them feel special, so easy to trust the message delivered participants other communications through the same media. Especially when the communication is interactive, and situation that can generate very high persuasive.

The power of social networking media in doing publicity, imaging, and persuade society could be perceived as new opportunities for any individual or institution. By using interactive and more personal approach, the process of persuasion to the community can be made more effective and far cheaper cost than using traditional media.

Do we still retain the old media in doing publicity and imaging? Are we still survive using brochures, pins, or key chains to build public trust?
The way it was not wrong. But it's been effectively no longer used in the current era of information technology. Now, time to switch to using new media, social networking media, to do publicity and imaging.