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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tips to Conserve iPhone 4 Battery

iPhone 4 Battery
iPhone 4
iPhone 4 full-touch screen smartphone, known for its huge consumption, aka wasteful, especially if you frequently use it to play games. In order to conserve iPhone 4 battery power, the following tips:

1. Turning on Auto-Brightness
iPhone 4 has a light sensor that can adjust the brightness of ambient light. So, if the place is bright, the iPhone screen automatically dims. However, what if the iPhone is more often used in the dark or dimly lit?
Go to Settings - Brightness - Auto-Brightness On

2. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use
When the iPhone is not used, you should disable Bluetooth. It is often not recognized to be one trigger draining battery
Go to Settings - General - Bluetooth - Bluetooth Off

3. Turn off 3G when not needed
The way this one is probably going to be a difficult choice. But if really want to save battery life and we do not require 3G connectivity, better turn off 3G.
Go to Settings - General - Network - Enable 3G Off

4. Turn off Wi-Fi
It must be admitted connectivity feature (# G and WiFi) is enough to drain the battery.
Go to Settings - Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Off

5. Turn off Location Services and Push Data
Basically, how to save the battery in the iPhone is to turn off all data retrieval service.

Turn off location services by going to Settings - General - Location Services - Location Service Off

Data also turn off Oush, how, go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendar - Fetch New Data - Push Off
If not too often fetch emails, can set the period by going to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendar - Fetch New Data - Hourly
Tips to Conserve iPhone 4 Battery
6. Auto-lock as soon as possible
Efficient battery for your iPhone, use the sleep mode-mode. iPhone can be set to sleep as soon as possible, how
Settings - General - Auto-Lock - 1 Minute

7. Turn off the Equalizer iPod and Vibrate mode on Games
Disabling this feature can also save battery power you know.

8. Access the App Store via iTunes on a computer only
Get used to access the iTunes application on a computer rather than on the iPhone.

9. Use the latest firmware
Through Apple's latest firmware may find new ways for more efficient so that batteries can last longer.

10. Battery Calibration
Charge the battery fully and then empty the battery until the iPhone turns itself because there is no power.

11. Airplane mode
When he was in a place with no signal, better enable Airplane mode, which will turn off all connectivity features. Because if not, the iPhone will continue to try to find the signal, this well will drain the battery.

12. Turn off the background process
Get used to turn off applications that are not used. For applications running in the background also eats battery power because it is not closed completely.