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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Satellite Reveals 17 Missing Egyptian Pyramid

Satellite Reveals Egyptian Pyramid
Reveals 17 Missing Egyptian Pyramid using Satellite
The team of archaeologists from the University of Alabama managed to find the 17 pyramids that have been mentioned have been lost in Egypt. Remarkably, this finding should be done without great difficulty-heat in the desert.
Yes, this discovery made ​​by the aid of technology. Precisely is to use infrared satellite imaging to track the existence of these pyramids.

Sarah interspace, a scientist who participated in this research revealed that the technology used is also combined with images taken by NASA and commercial satellite orbiting 400 miles above Earth.

Infrared picture is then divided between the different materials under the surface, which shows a line of ancient walls.

"I do not believe if we managed to track down so many sites in Egypt," said interspace to the BBC and quoted on Sunday ( 05/29/2011 ).

"To explore the pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist," she added.

At Tanis, for example, interspace find the road path and the houses, which is completely invisible from the ground.

"This suggests the possibility of discoveries to come. I am very happy for my generation and generations to come. This discovery was unearthed enough for 50 generations," she said.

Parcak not the first archaeologist who rely heavily on technological advances to find the ancient site. Earlier this year, a professor from Australia, David Kennedy, claimed to have discovered nearly two thousand archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia, just by using Google Earth.