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Saturday, May 14, 2011

World's Advanced Android Tablet-SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1

Samsung's success sales Galaxy S up to 10 million units, also grabbed market share to 71 percent for the category of tablet PC via Samsung Galaxy Tab ( ​7 inches) in Indonesia, Samsung Electronics Indonesia immediately prepare a new generation of tablets Android. In other words, sales in this country Galaxy Tab dominate, even beat the iPad.

Samsung galaxy TAB 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 price is still secret, ready for sale in June 2011.

The router is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 series. Yes, the latest figures show a diagonal screen size. Samsung's so confident now. Budi Jono, director for business affairs PT Sein, said that Samsung mobile phones in Indonesia, even reaching 45 percent of phone sales.

This company is very eager to chase ratings. Indonesia had been targeted. If you look at other data, according to Eka Anwar, Head of Marketing at HHP Business Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Indonesia contributing the best tab Galaxy sales in Southeast Asia. "We were second only to Korea," he said.

The confidence that there must be due to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has more advantages. Call such a more compact design. Despite the larger dimensions than the Galaxy Tab 7 inches, Samsung is able to reduce weight significantly. Weighing only 595 grams. Compare with iPad 2 that the total weight reached 601 grams. The body was thinnest in the world. Once again, IPAD 2 which has been trimmed and still as thick as 0.34 inches, while the Galaxy Tab newer difference 0.2 inch thinner.

"This series also has two Wi-Fi antenna," he continued. Two antenna is expected to be more speed speed internet access in hotspot locations. Meanwhile, the GSM network that is used has been qualified HSPA. Theoretically, the speed unduhnya able to break the 21 Mbps.

In the devices sector to improve performance, the tablet key 3 MP camera owners are installing a processor speed computing 1 GHz dual-core types. This will hopefully be able to support the Android operating system version 3.0, aka Honeycomb. Unfortunately, Bluetooth connectivity is still sticking with version 2.1, although already available 3.0.

A number of these devices mandatory for Samsung because the company has outlined for the more serious towards the development of devices via three strategies, among others, the screen is gorgeous, the speed of access to adequate performance is also stable, and more varied content services.

For this, TouchWiz user interface was developed, which this time is more impressive nicknamed UX and adjust to the homescreen. In addition, of course, not only rested content in the form of an application on Android Market, Samsung had a Samsung digital stores Apps. Reportedly, a chat or instant messanging application is under preparation. The application is expected to exceed WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger.

Is worth if Eka said, "This is the tablet of the most sophisticated in the world for now."

Friday (13/05/2011) night, a place mat charity. A 10.1-inch Tab Galaxy will be auctioned to the guests. Will these devices were sold to penetrate USD 10 million? We wait for tonight. "Anyone who obtained will be the first owner of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 world," said Eka.

In the meantime, who do not miss out please wait until June arrives. Prices also have not mentioned officially. Just info, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch version has trimmed the price to Rp 4.8 million. Well then, please predicted what a fair price for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is. Source: Tekno, Also read the Nokia Tablet Rumor