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Friday, June 3, 2011

Google-Gmail Hacked by Chinese Hacker

Gmail Hacked, E-mail accounts of senior officials from the U.S. and hundreds of other important figures in jeopardy.
Google once again could not circumvent the Chinese hacking attacks. After the tragedy of late 2009, when the hackers from the country of Baidu had managed to break into Google's system and steal the important codes, now the Gmail became targets.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) website today reported that the email accounts of U.S. senior officials and hundreds of other important figures in jeopardy.
Google in China
Google's logo-Google's office in China.

The victims, including state and military officials, Asia bureaucrats, Chinese activists and journalists, deceived give their Gmail account password to cyber criminals based in China, according to Google's statement as written in the WSJ. The aim is to spread e-mail attack victim to certain addresses.
The purpose of the attack is to spread the victim's e-mail to certain addresses.

Suspicion is directed to the hackers who lives in Jinan, capital of Shandong Province, eastern China.

In Washington, United States, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the U.S. State Department are working together to investigate this case. "We do not believe there is an official email account owned by U.S. government officials hacked," said Caitlin Hayden, the U.S. National Security Council to the WSJ.

Jinan, which is located about 400 kilometers south of Beijing, is the headquarters of the bureaus of technical surveillance of the People's Liberation Army, one of the largest armies in the world.

Previously, Mila Parker, a security researcher in Washington, has warned to Google about the threat of attack. Mila managed to save examples of emails that she was identified through routine observation and she called it the "man-in-the-mailbox" attack.

The method used by the sender: victim's email accounts and their contacts seized and used to convince other potential victims.

That incident will certainly further increase the pressure on cyberwar issues. The U.S. government this week will decide that cyber attacks are classified as "war".

Meanwhile, British Defence Secretary, Nick Harvey said, as quoted from the pages of The Guardian, "all activities in the virtual world will slowly shape the future battlefield."

US Foreign Affairs Minister, Hillary Rodham Clinton asked the government to investigate China's cyber attack against Google and other companies. Clinton said the Internet technology plays an important role in international relations and anyone who was involved in cyber attacks have faced criticism over the world. As reported earlier the search engine giant, Google has threatened to halt its operations in China. Google claims no longer able to withstand hackers attacks in the Panda's country.