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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Most Expensive iPad Application Price is US $1000

BarMax CA and BarMax NY - iPad Apps
BarMax CA and BarMax NY
Most Expensive iPad Application

Various applications for Apple's gadgets are in the App Store. After investigation, it turns out there are applications that the price is very expensive, even more expensive than the price of an iPad.

How not, the application price is USD 1,000 or approximately Rp. 8.5 million. In comparison, the highest iPad price in the United States 'only' about $800. Valid if the application is referred to as the most expensive IPAD application.

These applications called "BarMax CA and BarMax NY". Why so expensive? According to the description, application is made ​​by the lawyers of the prestigious Harvard University together with popular application developers.

"So we estimate you can get the best of both parties. The application is equal to two months of lectures, as well as calendar and task list," said the maker of applications, reported by PCMag and quoted on Wednesday (06/01/2011).

BarMax CA and BarMax NY iPad application is intended for prospective lawyers in their final exams. The price to be paid for this application is not expensive if you calculate how much revenue they escaped after the exam.

But it turns out, BarMax CA and BarMax NY not the only application on the App Store with exorbitant prices. There are still two others, namely Intuition Control Solo WolfVision and The Alchemist SMS. Both are worth US $1,000.

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