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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Samsung ST700 Digital Camera Review

Samsung ST700 Review-Korean manufacturer, Samsung launched its dual-view camera was powered 16 MP. What are the highlights of this compact camera called the ST700? Let's explore the Samsung ST700 16.1-megapixel digital camera.
Samsung ST700

Samsung ST700 Review for Design

The design is slim and light weight property ST700 created thanks to the use of lithium-ion battery type. It has dimensions of 99 x 55 x 20 mm with a roomy screen measuring 3 inches.
At the top of the body there is a shutter button, playback button, microphone, power button and front LCD display is in front there is a second screen is used to capture a picture of yourself.

On the side there is a USB port and A/V and HDMI port that supports the HDMI cable. It is used to connect the camera to an HDTV. Being in the bottom there is a tripod stand and the battery compartment.

Samsung ST700 Review - Screen

Sized 3-inch touch screen is designed to be operated with a stylus, although unfortunately these accessories do not have a container in the camera body. The absence of a place for the stylus is a stylus either lead to a potential loss due to missed or dropped. And if users do not want to use the stylus and the like to operate with a finger, users seem to be patient because the screen is quite responsive.
Samsung ST700 Review


There are 4 menu pages that can be traced in this screen, where the position of each menu can be arranged as desired by dragging them.


ST700 is equipped with a 5x optical zoom so that could reach up to 26 mm wide area of ​​tele 130.4X. This camera also has a 4X zoom Intelligence and 4X digital zoom.

Samsung ST700 Features

Many features can be found in this tiny camera, including photo filters and effects modes. In the photo filters, users can put a miniature filters, vignet, sketches, fish eye, etc in the photograph.
Currently in effect mode, the user is possible to produce images with classic effects, retro or negative and many more. The result is pretty good.
Samsung ST700 Digital Camera Review
To minimize the shocks that result in a blurry photo, the camera is equipped with OIS (optical image stabilizer) a mandatory feature in high-end cameras.

Mode choice

A lot of mode can be founded in this camera, some of the interesting mode is the mode of children and pose guide mode.
When a user wearing the child mode, then the front screen will display with the added humorous animated voice to lead the children's attention to the camera lens.

There is also a manual mode poses. This mode is quite useful when the user wants to produce a photograph like a model, but having trouble finding the right pose.


Almost be said, shutter - lag is experienced when the object snapped almost imperceptibly. This is of course an added value given the shutter-lag is more often a problem when the camera is used to document important moments that can not be repeated or to capture moving objects.

ISO Options

ISO options are offered ST700 which is quite diverse ranging from 80-100-200-400-800-1600 until 3200.
Unfortunately, the high ISO also proportional to the amount of noise that appears in the photo, it is seen clearly in the example photo taken, even when shooting, insufficient light conditions.
But when the camera is being used by the ISO settings in bright lighting, the results are very clear. Of course, thanks to its 16MP resolution.
samsung st700 16.1-megapixel digital camera

Samsung ST700 Battery life

Batteries are pinned on the Samsung ST700 claimed to have the endurance to 90 menit/180 photos.

Samsung ST700 Price Review

Samsung ST700 dual view camera price is $279, this camera seemed a bit pricey for the features that mostly already exist in similar camera but with a cheaper price.

Update: Hi, now you can get this Samsung EC-ST700 Digital Camera with 16 MP, 5x Optical Zoom and Touchscreen (Black), with cheaper price at The Samsung ST700 price at Amazon is only $195.00. So, it's a good news. Buy Now at, you save $84.00 (30%).

Conclusion of Samsung ST700 Reviews

With the dual-view technology, users are permitted to take pictures of yourself without the help of others and of course this became one of the advantages of Samsung ST700 camera.

Coupled with a rich feature photo filters and modes on offer, it is suited for those who are fond of pictures and not easily satisfied only with a photo of 'ordinary'.

Samsung ST700 Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Samsung ST700 Camera

  • Available options WB ( White Balance )
  • ISO varies 
  • The resulting image is quite clear in low-light conditions 
  • Shutter-lag is almost no 
  • screen field 
  • Dual -view of his work well 
  • rich filters

Samsung ST700 Camera Disadvantages

  • Not having a stylus on the camera body container
  • The screen is less responsive when not using the stylus 
  • Much noise at high ISO usage 

Samsung ST700 Specifications

Below the specs of Samsung ST700 dual view camera:
  • Camera Resolution: 16 MP
  • Optical Sensor Type: CCD 
  • Digital Zoom: 5x 
  • Face Detection: Yes 
  • Video Capture: H.264 - 1280 x 720 
  • Lens Aperture: F/3.3-5.9 
  • Additional Features: Dual LCD screens, Face detection, 720p HD movie recording, Smart Face Recognition, Dual image stabilization, Touch -screen control, Digital image stabilization 
  • Shooting Programs: Smart auto, Smile Detection, Beauty Shot, Soft focus, Cinema, Fisheye, Miniature, Sketch, Magic frame. (Detikinet)

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